If You’ve Been Brain Injured, An Experienced Brain Injured Case Lawyer Can Help You to Access Benefits


Brain Injured? A Lawyer Can Help


Have you suffered a head injury recently? Often head injuries lead to traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, which can be very difficult to cope with. Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild to severe, but their effects can be felt on a daily basis, and can affect every aspect of life. If you are brain injured, lawyers can help you to receive financial compensation.


There are approximately 100,000 new cases of brain injury each year in Canada. Many of these injuries happen due to falls, through violence or combat, during sports such as football or hockey – but most are caused by auto accidents. Traumatic brain injuries happen because the skull is hard and inflexible, while the brain is soft. If the head moves through space at a certain speed and then stops suddenly, the brain can bounce violently against the wall of the skull. This "contra coup” injury is very common in automobile accidents, and results in diffuse axonal shearing (the tearing of axons and the resulting death of neurons), contusion or bruising, and brain swelling.


Identifying the Symptoms


Sometimes brain injuries resolve fairly quickly without treatment. Other times, a head injury can lead to serious symptoms such as persistent headaches, memory problems, and significant personality changes. There’s a very long list of problems that can occur because of a traumatic brain injury, and these are divided into three categories: mild, moderate, or severe. Even a mild injury should be checked out. If you have hit your head in a car accident, make sure to get medical treatment immediately. However, traumatic brain injuries sometimes take time to reveal themselves. Sometimes people don’t even remember hitting their heads. And it’s a natural instinct for people to play down symptoms that are vague, such as fatigue, irritability, or memory loss. If you, or someone you love, starts to experience any unusual symptoms following a motor vehicle accident, see a doctor.


Monitoring the Client


After seeing a doctor, your next call should be to a good personal injury law firm. You may be eligible for insurance benefits that will cover your medical and rehabilitation costs, or weekly benefits that will help to replace lost income. In certain cases, it may make sense to launch a lawsuit against another driver. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that they will not expect to be paid now, but will take a percentage of any money that you receive.


A good auto accident lawyer will monitor any symptoms of brain injury over the course of a year. Signs such as behavioural changes, emotional changes, sensory problems, cognitive problems, social problems, changes in intellectual ability, changes in executive functioning ability, nerve damage, and altered consciousness can all indicate that traumatic brain injury has occurred. It’s possible that you may be eligible for various types of benefits, depending on the severity of the effects, and what your needs are. If you are brain injured, lawyers can help you navigate the process of obtaining benefits or compensation. Call a personal injury law firm today to discuss your options.